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Sick The Mag

Sick The Mag Subscription (Quarterly)

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This item is not eligible for the FREE gifts, that is for the 1 year subscriptions. Click here for for that. 1 Year Sick The Mag Subscription!

What you do is Sick, and you need a magazine that properly showcases what you do. A subscription to Sick is more than just a magazine - we aim to deliver constant benefits to our subscribers and give the drag-and-drive scene the coverage it deserves.

Your subscription will include eight issues of Sick a year (each magazine arrives as a double issue with dual covers). Your subscription covers talented people to report on drag-and-drive events, and bring true representation to what we do. This is not a lightweight magazine - this is a quality publication you are meant to keep. Most people call it a book, not a magazine.

Our Sick community is in every magazine. We feature REAL racers, in real rides.

Each edition of Sick The Mag measures in at 200 pages or more, and believe it or not, each issue has anywhere from 35,000 to 40,000 words - you’ll be reading for a while.

Your subscription will start with Issue 11/12 of Sick The Mag.

A must have for any drag-and-drive racer, fan or groupie.

NOTE: If ordering a second subscription on your profile for a friend or family, please email to let us know.

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