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Sick The Mag

Sick The Mag Subscription (Pre-Paid One Year)

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This is a 1-year subscription that is a 1-time payment, that does not renew.  This is a perfect gift for someone you don't know what to buy them. Or if you would like to extend your current subscription.

$128.00 for 12 months

What you do is Sick, and you need a magazine that properly showcases what you do. A subscription to Sick is more than just a magazine - we aim to deliver constant benefits to our subscribers and give the drag-and-drive scene the coverage it deserves.

Your subscription will include eight issues of Sick a year (each magazine arrives as a double issue with dual covers). Your subscription covers talented people to report on events, and bring true representation to what we do. This is not a lightweight magazine - this is a quality publication you are meant to keep. Most people call it a book, not a magazine.

Each edition of Sick The Mag measures in at 200 pages or more.

A must-have for any drag-and-drive racer, fan, or groupie.

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