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Sick The Mag

"Citrus Zing" Sick Spice

"Citrus Zing" Sick Spice

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Below is Rich's story on how he came up with the Citrus Zing Spice.

I like fajitas, we all like fajitas don’t we.?. Well one day I wanted some and went to the store looking for something a little different, I wanted a chili lime-type seasoning to use. I couldn’t find any locally so, yup, you guessed it, time to experiment.

 I ordered some new ingredients (for me) and started playing in the kitchen. The results are Citrus Zing which made some cool tasting fajitas of both steak and chicken. That’s not it though, since I mixed up a decent-sized batch, I had leftover seasoning. I tried it on grilled wings the following weekend, dusting them each time I turned them the first few times and I knew I had another rub I wanted to share. You’re welcome, folks.

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