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Clay Millican

Clay Millican Dentley T-Shirt

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“You give a teenage kid a vehicle and you know it will have a dent in every spot, so that’s why it’s called Dentley,” Millican said. “This is such a special vehicle, being my son’s truck, but you know, it wasn’t necessarily fun to drive. Then Jeff Lutz got involved and it has been a five-year-long process to build and become something I enjoy driving. The stories I hear about racers fixing stuff on the side of the road might sound miserable to some, but to me, it sounds fun.”

Being a professional Top Fuel driver means Millican rarely has time for other forms of competition, and even in the off-season this is the case, with NHRA testing just one of the pressures Millican faces right now. Even if he doesn’t make it to Sick Week, Millican can’t wait to be involved in the drag-and-drive scene.

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