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Everybody has to have one, and here is ours. It’s hard to be original nowadays so we have to go back in time to when Rich was a much younger chap and searching for a flavor that had yet to be discovered. Experimenting, he mixed up this tangy sweet combination of ingredients that made all of his  friends and family just want more. Fast forward to current times and no one can get enough of it. They are using it to glaze ribs, dunk their French fries, jazz up a turkey sandwich, and flavor the best meatloaf you have ever tasted. What will you use it for?

As everyone started using the “Original”, some of Rich’s friends began asking for something with a little bite. Rich went back to the drawing board but rather than start from a clean slate, he built on the “Original” base and added Chipotle peppers to the mix. The results were a true taste sensation introducing a slight smokey flavor with a little more kick than the “Original”. Now it’s used on everything from burgers to brats n dogs, and once you try it on pulled pork you will kick yourself for missing out on the rich tangy, smokey flavor all your life.

This Sweet and Savory blend smells great and will work anywhere you want to add a little sweetness. A lot of folks love flavor but not necessarily heat that is sometimes present. Rich adapted this flavor for those folks, although it was originally created for competing in BBQ on ribs and pulled pork. It is so much more though, use on anything from meatloaf to chicken. Anytime you would love some sweet flavor, this is your go to bottle.

This is our “I put that SICK on everything” blend. Rich created it for a brisket rub, but we start the day with it on our eggs and hash-browns, season our burgers and steaks with it, sprinkle it on our veggies, and finish the night using it on popcorn. This is a staple for the kitchen and the grill.

Sometimes you want a little deeper flavor. Rich went back to the drawing board to figure out how to deepen the flavor with a little zing. There is a very mild heat to this one and it’s just enough to build a savory flavor profile for someone that likes their stuff a little tangy but is also looking to satisfy a need for a little kick in their food. This is great on pork, poultry, veggies, and even steps up potatoes and popcorn as well!